Tony Blauer and Rory Miller: Convergent Evolution

Coach Tony and Rory sit down and discuss self defense. Watch/listen to the video, then click on the link below to attend.

Convergent Evolution - Tony Blauer & Rory Miller 

Saturday, June 13, 2015 - Sunday, June 14, 2015

Carlsbad Safety Training Center
5750 Orion Street
Carlsbad, California 92010


Could this have been you?

If you were an armed citizen, would you have reacted the same way?

Just because you carry a firearm, doesn’t mean you know when to use it. Have you mentally put yourself in a similar scenario? Are you aware of pre-attack indicators? Have you ever trained the emotional and psychological aspects of an ambush? Have you trained in any force on force scenarios? 

The victim, an off duty police officer, was ambushed by one armed male, and two other males.  The victim had the presence of mind to release the gas nozzle, move into a non-violent posture while feigning compliance, blade away to retrieve his firearm, and then move forward creating a predator/prey reversal. 

Although he was a police officer, his actions were not from his police training.  I have never trained to be robbed at work.  Even police officers need to train self- defense. This officer had mentally placed himself in this scenario on his own time and the video is proof of that.

What would you have done with or without a firearm?

We train the physical techniques often; don’t forget to train the emotional and psychological too.